Zaptech Solutions provides networking solutions, networking products, setup/service/maintenance of your computer network. We first determine your business needs for the coming years, recommend solutions for your existing network, or design a completely new one.

The process will include: designing a new network from scratch, planning for your network's growth as your business grows, selection the most cost-effective and secure way to connect your business to the Internet, planning for the upgrade or replacement of hardware and software, server & desktop Setup.

Once your network is established, you can rely on Zaptech Solutions to help you keep your network running.

Planning and Optimization

Network Design, Planning, and Optimization designs networks with a clear approach high efficiency and optimized total cost of ownership. Maximizing network performance per dollar spent is job one. We ensure that all requirements are met, that the system is fully integrated and performing at or above expectations, and that operational costs are minimized our proven project management system and quality assurance program guarantee it.

Equipment Installation

Network Deployment When it comes to infrastructure equipment installation, understands the network owner’s need for quality, flexibility, and rapid response. Our motivated staff and our certified market partners ensure quick revenue generation by providing timely, quality installation of computer and required drivers, cellular and wireless broadband interface standards and equipment. We simplify deployment, accelerate implementation, and lowers costs.

RF Regulatory Issues

Zaptech has the expertise to steer you through the most complex RF regulatory issues, ensuring compliance at every level. We can review installation and construction plans for proposed antennas or modifications to existing antennas provide site audits, spectrum management, interference studies and other services to keep companies in compliance. We also maintain high standards in the area of RF emissions safety.

Microwave Services

We are industry leader in microwave services, as the boom in new voice and data technologies drives a growing demand for microwave backhaul services. We provide expertise in planning and design; FCC coordination; entitlement, zoning, and permitting; line-of-sight verification; installation and commissioning; and round-the-clock maintenance and support.

Preventive Maintenance

Although manufacturers often claim statistics well into several hundred thousands of hours; reliable and consistent microwave performance is enhanced by periodic calibration and checking of components for mechanical failure. Preventive Maintenance services are especially critical for licensed microwave systems. Harsh winters and salt air and water all provide a challenging environment for electromechanical systems. Our years of experience clearly demonstrate that consistently scheduled maintenance of networking components is paramount to ensure reliable operation. Preventive Maintenance services are a key component of System’s maintenance agreements. Our experienced field technicians are supported by fully equipped company vehicles, sophisticated test and measurement equipment and documentation. Quarterly Preventive Maintenance is automatically scheduled and our technician provides a written report. If remedial action is required, it is scheduled in advance to eliminate any disruption to your business.

Our Process

  • Our network technician will visit your place of work to provide active services as well as preventative computer maintenance on your workstations and servers.
  • Conduct routine network and computer maintenance to ensure that your workstations and servers are communicating properly and running with optimum performance.
  • Proactively checks for and correct any virus infection, spyware or other critical threats that can harm your computer network.
  • Troubleshoot any existing hardware or networking issues that have arisen since the last visit, as well as attending to new tasks provided by your team.
  • Provide your business priority onsite or telephone support if an issue arises between your regular preventative maintenance visits.
  • Regular Computer Network Health

Our network support service

  • 24x7 Network Support Quick Response
  • Time Dedicated Technical support team
  • Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Server Support
  • Remote Network Configuration
  • Cost effective solutions by skills, processes and technology
  • High level of service with a flexible, yet strong delivery model

Our Clients

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